The Phoenix Unleashed

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I’m Kylie and I am a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, #1 Bestselling Author and Small Business Advocate.

In this podcast, the main topics I will be discussing are past lives, past life regression, hypnotherapy and mindset. I will also share my journey, interview some amazing people and of course some random moments.

In sharing my own story, I hope to inspire others. 

I would love to hear yours too so if you’d like to be a guest, fill out the form below and don’t forget to join the email list to keep up to date when new episodes drop.

Selected Episodes


Episode 1 –
My Hypnotherapy Journey

Episode 2 –
Bless Their Cotton Socks

Episode 6 –
#1 Amazon Bestselling Author

Episode 8 –
The 3 Soul Contracts

Episode 9 –
My Favourite Past Life Experiences

The Phoenix Unleashed

Episode 10 –
Interview with a Client about QHHT

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