1-1 Coaching

Why a Coach?

Athletes have coaches, mentors and cheer squads to help them reach their potential. From those that are just starting out in the little leagues to those that have graduated to the majors, athletes need people to help them grow and improve.

Why should mindset be any different?

Whether you are yet to set any real plans in motion or already have a positive mindset that is well and truly established, a coach can help you strategise that game plan, jump that next hurdle and turn that next project into a slam dunk. Not only will your business thrive but you’ll feel like the champion that you really are.


How does 1-1 Mindset Coaching work?

If you know it is time to make some changes in your life so that your business can thrive, get ready to be open and honest with where you’re at and where you want to go.

With Kylie as your coach and your personal cheerleader, you will be able to set some very specific and measurable goals and access the support and expertise needed to reach these milestones.

Through regular meetings with Kylie, you will work together to create habits and techniques that will strengthen your mindset in both the short and long term and give you the forward momentum you need to overcome Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism and burnout.

What’s more, working with Kylie will give you the confidence boost and the growth mindset that are essential to the success of your personal and professional life.

Kylie offers 1-1 coaching and consulting.

All meetings held in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office via online conferencing platform, Zoom.
Recommended readings and activities to help sustain motivation and focus.
An experienced coach and genuine person who can help you plan and implement workable solutions.

Changing the game couldn’t be easier.

Ready to work with Kylie?

Client Love

Kylie is an incredible human being, she completely puts you at ease, I’ve felt extremely comfortable around her and feel like I’ve known her for years. It’s been amazing meeting someone on my wave length, and someone who’s made me feel absolutely incredible about myself! Everyone needs a Kylie in their life!”

Lauren Johnson

I highly recommend Kylie, for anybody that experiences self doubt and confidence issues. Kylie is extremely present and her ability to teach in a caring and considerate way helped me to process the information so much more effectively. The knowledge I have now is invaluable. So thank you Kylie.”

Sharon Sorenson

I highly recommend Kylie to anyone that experiences self doubt or has confidence issues. She is amazing and has help me out of my comfort zone and teaches you with easy to understand techniques. She is very approachable and makes you feel comfortable and appreciated.”

Elisa Kupresanin

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