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Are you experiencing sudden outbursts of emotions that seem to come out of nowhere? Are you ready to live a life that’s truly worth living?

As a practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ (TLT), I offer a powerful therapeutic process that is designed to help you eliminate unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

At my practice, I believe that memories are stored in a linear manner, and that certain emotions attached to memories from the past can manifest in the present and affect your future. Through TLT, I will help you access and disconnect from these negative emotions, allowing you to create a new, empowering belief system that will help you move forward to the quality of life you desire.

Let’s work together to help you achieve your goals and create a fulfilling future.

What is Time Line Therapy?

Time Line Therapy is a therapeutic technique that involves working with a client’s subconscious mind to access and release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful patterns of behavior. By connecting with their past experiences and imagining a future free of those limitations, clients can create a new and more empowering timeline for their lives.

How does Time Line Therapy work?

Time Line Therapy works by guiding clients into a deep state of relaxation and accessing their subconscious mind. Through a series of guided visualizations and exercises, clients can explore their timeline, identify negative emotions or limiting beliefs, and release them from their timeline.

What can Time Line Therapy be used for?

Time Line Therapy can be used to address a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, and more. It is particularly effective for releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may be holding clients back from achieving their goals.

Is Time Line Therapy similar to hypnotherapy?

Time Line Therapy is a form of hypnotherapy, as it involves guiding clients into a deep state of relaxation and accessing their subconscious mind. However, it has a more specific focus on exploring and releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may be affecting the client’s timeline.

Is Time Line Therapy safe?

Yes, Time Line Therapy is generally considered safe when practiced by a trained and certified practitioner. It involves accessing the subconscious mind and exploring past experiences, so clients may experience some emotional release or physical sensations during the session. However, practitioners are trained to ensure that clients feel safe and supported throughout the process.

Can anyone benefit from Time Line Therapy?

Most people can benefit from Time Line Therapy, as it can help release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may be holding them back in various areas of their lives. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain mental health conditions or those who are not open to exploring their past experiences.

How many Time Line Therapy sessions do I need?

The number of Time Line Therapy sessions required depends on the client’s goals and the issues they are seeking to address. Some clients may achieve significant results in just one session, while others may benefit from multiple sessions to achieve lasting change.

Can Time Line Therapy be done remotely?

Yes, Time Line Therapy can be done remotely through video conferencing or phone calls. However, some practitioners may prefer to work in person to establish a deeper connection with the client and provide a more personalised experience. In my situation, I offer both in person at my office or online via Zoom whichever way the client is more comfortable with. 

Client Love:

Kylie has a world of knowledge and teaches you things you never knew you needed to know! Her calm and warm nature makes you feel comfortable and appreciated. I highly recommend Kylie to anyone wanting to make a change, needing guidance or just a clearer headspace.

Elisa Kupresanin

I have had a few sessions with Kylie doing hypnosis. Through her help I was able to address a lot of underlining conditions brought on from my child hood & later on in my adult life
Many tears came out but it was worth every cent as now I can process & deal with issues that come my way in a quicker & healthier approach.
Kylie has also helped me during those difficult stage with after hours service to keep me on track & follow the things that make me who I am in life.
Chris Carter

I highly recommend Kylie. She is amazing. I have had some coaching session with Kylie and she made me feel at easy when talking with her. Her advice, support and encouragement has help me to reach new levels. She is truly incredible.

Kristy Moore

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