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Beyond coaching and hypnotherapy, Kylie King is also a highly sought-after speaker for corporate seminars, business conferences, networking events, leadership retreats, webinars and podcasts.

Her presentations are distinct and real as she discusses a variety of business topics using her unique brand of storytelling. Blending humour, self-deprecation, honesty and optimism, Kylie shares both her personal successes and her faceplants to engage and motivate audiences.

With all speaking engagements, Kylie aims to:

  • Inspire her audience to examine their current selves, appreciate who they are, and embrace the events that have shaped them
  • Motivate people to use their past as a springboard to becoming a better version of their current self
  • Empower her audience to create change using her tips, tricks and tools

What Kylie can talk about:

  • Imposter Syndrome and it’s 5 disguises
  • Invoking the confidence you’ve always had
  • Networking like a Boss!
  • The Importance of Gratitude
  • 5 Steps to becoming a Self-Published Author

While the above topics are her most popular, Kylie loves talking all aspects of mindset and confidence and is happy to discuss creating a presentation specific to you and your audience.

What Kylie’s audiences have to say:

I invited Kylie to speak at a networking event for women who were new to the idea of stepping outside their comfort zone to meet new people and talk about their business. I didn’t have to think long enough to know who would be the perfect person for this role as Kylie is the head Coordinator for an international networking association for mums and women in business for Australia and NZ ! Kylie had some great tips for the ladies to take on and help boost confidence within themselves. It wasn’t about telling the ladies the usual prep talk on “be confident and make as many contacts as possible” its was diving in deeper and finding the strength and courage to draw on when you need it most. The attendees were blown away by her honesty, her knowledge and had them all walking out with their heads held high, motivated and a fire burning in their bellies to better themselves and their business Thank you for your time and knowledge Kylie, it was an amazing experience working along side you.”

Helen Karakostantis

When she speaks you know she is speaking with authenticity and you stop and listen. Kylie was the speaker at our first MIBA Hills Shire night event this week. She did an awesome job!! Kylie spoke about the imposter syndrome and business confidence. When she speaks you know she is speaking authentically and you stop and listen, she speaks as someone who knows what she is talking about and has experienced them both. This means that everyone sits and listens intently!! Her points were so clear and she delivered them with humour. There were so many reflective points for us to go home with. I am so appreciative of Kylie and ALL she does!!”

Larissa Wright

She was inspirational and had some wonderful, really practical tips for unlocking your confidence. I heard Kylie speak last night at a Mums In Business event. She was inspirational and had some wonderful, really practical tips for unlocking your confidence from within. She also made me feel very welcome, comfortable and supported as someone in her audience. Can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Claire Heenan

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