If you have been complaining about that same backache after all the treatments suggested by medical practitioners or you probably have this inexplicable despise of certain animals or objects, you might want to consider a past life regression session. A past life does not only give you information about who you were in your previous lives and the particular soul contracts that came with them, but it also gives you some information on some traumas or residual energy that you may still be carrying on to your present life. These traumas may be the cause of recurrent body pains, irrational fears and even birthmarks. Discovering these will help with healing and that’s how a hypnotherapist like myself can help you with these matters.

Regarding body aches and pains, I met an amazing lady who had been complaining about her shoulder. She could only raise her hand up to shoulder height and experienced a lot of pain if she attempted to raise it any higher. During the quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT) session, her subconscious told me that it is the way she died in a past life. We later found out that area near her shoulder was cut by a broad sword which led to her death. This residual energy was still in her body and once we were able to shift this energy out of her body, the shoulder pain disappeared, and she regained the ability to raise her arm in the air. I have also had other clients have residual energy and tension in their necks from deaths that involved hanging or the guillotine.

Have you realized that you have a fear or are scared of something but have no idea what caused it? phobias could be of particular animals, objects, places and experiences. Some can be fears of things that may not make sense to you such as numbers and colours. Although these fears cannot be substantiated in your present life they may be related to the journeys and experiences in your past life. In a past life regression session, we will discover the reason behind these fears, and I will ask your subconscious mind if there is a reason to hold on to them or is it time to let them go so you can continue on your path for your best and highest good.

Lastly are birthmarks. Most of us are born with birthmarks and they come in different shapes, colours and sizes. There is an urban legend that birthmarks are indications of how you died in a past life. It’s been studied that the location of this of these marks are where you might have experience trauma in your past life for example, if you were bitten, stabbed or burnt.

Here’s an interesting article that discusses the different forms and explanations of these marks and I will share a brief description of each one below.

  • Red-hued mark – this is where you might have been burnt in your past life. Depending on the color is the newness and intensity of healing. Dark means it’s from a recent life and trauma has not been processed yet and lighter means otherwise.
  • Bullet mark – location is where you were hit. If uneven in form, then it is related to powder burn
  • Scattered pattern – sprayed shots of bullets. If deeply scorched, then it can be a cannon shot
  • Curved – a fatal stab usually done when asleep
  • Bald spot due to a mark – scalped in a past life. If it has a central mole with a discoloured ring around then it’s hit by a poisoned arrow.
  • Alphabet or faded dragon – depending on where the past life was from, this was from branding on criminals with hot irons
  • Chains – enslaved in a past life and location usually has chafing.

Generally, residual energy that is sitting in our body may come from past life trauma during the experiences or even at the time of death during that life. We can establish these details if it’s necessary for us to know during a past life session so we can address them and move forward.

My job as a practitioner is to explore these experiences so we can remove the residual energy, contracts or other connections that are no longer serving us in this life or for your best and highest good. At all times during the process, you are safe and do not relive the pain or physical and mental symptoms during the session.

If you are ready to explore a past life out of curiousity or want to find out why you have a particular pain, fear or birthmark. Book now. 

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